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Takoda’s a fat boy. My playful three-year-old Australian shepherd could stand to lose a few. He runs and plays all the time and he’s never inhaled food but he’s just been packing it on lately. If only he was allowed to roam the neighborhood…ah, but we live in modern, leashed times. Therefore, slimming down really comes down to more exercise and eating right.


We dog owners know obesity leads to all sorts of canine issues- heart and lung conditions, lethargy, arthritis, back pain, diabetes and other urinary problems, breathing complications. The bottomline- you can shorten their lifespan. Yes, it’s our fault. I don’t know about you but I’d like my pet to be with me for as long as possible. So I went looking for a grain-free, healthy food option that suits an active dog.

The quality ingredients I saw listed in Pinnacle® Dog Food gave me hope that he was getting the right nutrients without all the fillers so we could start his diet right. Takoda might not care about the yummy sounding quinoa, pumpkin, kelp, flax seeds, blueberries, sweet potatoes but these superfoods would give him plenty of energy for catching Frisbees, swimming, hiking and retrieving.

The Test

You can’t just swap out foods. The first day I added Pinnacle to his regular diet at about a 70/30 split. Each time I filled his bowl, I would nudge the mix until he was eating 100 percent Pinnacle. Immediately I began to notice his poop was a brownish pumpkin color. It wasn’t runny but it wasn’t rock hard either. That’s good. His body was digesting it – no runs; no constipation.

Pinnacle has been crafting dog food in the U.S. since 1998 to answer the call for a natural, holistic formula of easily digested, quality ingredients. Because the plant is based in California they can monitor their food at all stages and prevent contamination. You’re less likely to hear about a recall with their vigilant scrutiny. You can trust these ingredients to do what they’re meant to. For example, the natural fiber means less pooping and more stamina on long hikes. The antioxidants will boost Takoda’s immune system and, given that he likes to get all four paws off the ground at once, their recipe promotes general joint and muscle health in dogs of all sizes.

The Taste

I toss two cups of food in his bowl in the morning and there’s still kibble left in the afternoon. It’s not that he doesn’t like it. He does. But it fills him up faster than his old food so he doesn’t gorge. A little Pinnacle goes a long way. And then I felt the difference. Takoda’s coat was softer and shinier; but even more significant was that the layer of fat around his ribs had diminished. Yes, he was losing weight without starving.


If you have a chubby boy like mine, chat with your vet about his weight. Sure, there could be underlying health issues but quite possibly the fix is as simple as changing up his diet to a healthy, grain-free choice like Pinnacle Dog Food.

Find Pinnacle using their store locator. FYI- Don’t let sticker shock scare you away. Their food isn’t cheap but when you consider it’ll last twice as long (or longer) than other brands it all evens out.

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