Oprah Magazine


In case you didn’t get my email blast, Ryan, Sage and I were included in an article for O! Magazine this February. The piece had to do with relationships with big age gaps. The writer interviewed a handful of couples about the challenges and effects created when there’s a generational difference and they used a HUGE photo of the three of us smack on the opening page of the story. A special thanks to my buddy and professional photog Richard Cheski who took the picture!
For those of you who couldn’t find a copy…

BTW, Sage rolled over yesterday!! We were hanging at Ryan’s apartment in Salt Lake, I set her on the playmat, she looked up at me, smiled and flipped. We were so proud of her. Just to make sure we weren’t imagining things, I put her back on her tummy and she did it again! It must be all that time she’s spending in her new bouncy chair my friend Krista sent me. There may be a bunch of controversy out there regarding the use of these things but Sage just loves it. And Krista’s a school teacher. Her son Joe loved it too. Until Sage is walking or crawling, it’s got to be the best self-powered activity out there for her. We promise to be careful.


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