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Pets And “Presents” to Avoid This Xmas

Everyone looks forward to the holiday season, even our furry family members. But what’s good for kids and Santa can kill our best friends. Here are some tips for a petsafe holiday: COOKIES, CANDY, CHOCOLATE, HOLLY, MISTLETOE AND POINSETTIAS– These things taste great to everyone but in animals they can cause agitation, vomiting, diarrhea, high heart rate, tremors, seizures and […]

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Santa Paws Is Coming

We leave a plate of cookies out for Santa. We wrap gifts for a newborn. Why not put some things under the tree for your best friends? Cats and dogs may not know what Christmas is but they know a new toy or treat when they see it. Get them super excited with these cool items this holiday season. Ruffwear […]

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Doggy Treat Dangers. READ NOW!

The news is on fire over hundreds of dogs dying from jerky treats made in China. Cats are also affected. The illness doesn’t discriminate among size, breed or age so toss the junk if you have it. More than 600 dogs have died and over 3,500 so far are sick. Supposedly, jerky treats from chicken, duck and sweet potato are doing the […]

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Today I’m grateful my daughter still has her eye

F*&king Facebook. Leave it to that platform to add guilt to envy and jealousy among its users. It seems like half my FB friends have started preaching gratitude. It was one thing when everyone was bragging about their lives, their children, their accomplishments, their adventures. I can keep up with that. But gratitude? That’s like confession or therapy. That’s not […]

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EZ Pet Barrier Saves the Day!

There are two things I vowed I would never do- I would never let my kid be seen in public without her hair brushed and I would never jail my dog behind metal bars in my car. The hair thing? Right; anyone with a kid knows that’s a battle us mothers lose often. The car thing? I held out as […]

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