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It’s Beer Thirty In Oregon

beer in oregon

I got my first got my taste of Oregon’s craft mastery when I moved to Bend in 2002. My insecure mess of a boyfriend had packed up and run home to Vermont without breaking up with me or even saying goodbye. I could use a stiff drink, hundreds of miles from the scene of the crime. So there I was, […]

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Restaurant Review: Eating Establishment Snubs Its Roots

original pancake house slaughters eating establishment

The Eating Establishment in Park City, a popular locals’ spot for breakfast and brunch, has now joined the cadre of pretentious Main Street restaurants. Bought by The Edison Alley Group and “Modern Family” star and Bar X and Beer Bar owner Ty Burrell last spring, the Double EE, as it was affectionately called, underwent a remodel, a significantly streamlined menu, […]

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Grandma’s Matzoh Balls Recipe

Matzoh Balls

Again, I couldn’t find this recipe anywhere so here it is for you Matzoh balls fans:   3 eggs 6 Tbs Cold Club Soda 3 Tbs oil pinch of ground wt pepper pinch of salt (to taste) 1 tsp ground ginger 2/3-3/4 c. matzoh meal 2 1/2 – 3 c. Quarts chicken stock   Beat eggs lightly with club soda, add […]

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