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Try eWaiting For Sundance 2016

You don’t have to throw up your hands or stand in the cold because you didn’t get in on the early ticket packages or just weren’t ready to pull the trigger on a movie tickets. You have options for movie viewing during the Sundance Film Festival like you’ve never had before even if you don’t like them. But it looks like the eWaiting […]

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Sundance Tickets Take Two

If you think you missed out on purchasing tickets for the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, au contraire. You spared yourself hours of frustration and wasted time. The system went down. But organizers say that’s all in the past and will relaunch their sales site at noon MST, Thursday, Oct. 29. Ticket sales on October 14, 2015, were shut down after […]

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Tumbleweeds Kids Film Festival Returns This Weekend

What started as a Sundance Fest addon has a life of its own and the 5th Annual Tumbleweeds Film Festival lives on this September 25-27. The Rose Wagner Theater becomes kid central with family friendly films, workshops and a Clubhouse with obstacle course, Microsoft Just Dance mini dance floor, STEM learning activity by Animal Jam, and an arts and crafts station. […]

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ABC Moves “Blood & Oil” Into Park City Film Studios!

Photo Courtesy ABC Entertainment If you’ve ever wondered who the heck would commute to a film studio in Park City, Utah, wonder no more. Park City Film Studios announced today that ABC Entertainment Group will use the 375,000 square-foot facility as its base of operation for the new series “Blood & Oil” (formerly “Oil”, formerly “Boom”). The commercials are already […]

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48 Hour Film Project Lures Me In

When Liz told me she was on Andrew’s team for the 48-hour Film Project in Salt Lake City my first thought was why didn’t they ask me? We actors are so egocentric. I mean I was the one who introduced Liz to Andrew in the first place. So I messaged Andrew and he said of course I could join them. He […]

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