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You’ve Got An Audition! Now What?

Top 5 Questions to Ask Before You Get There It’s just like you learned in school. No matter what paper you write you must first answer the “Five Ws”. Who, what, when, where, why. You can modify these to apply to a film or commercial audition as well. Basically, when your agent calls get ready to ask these five questions […]

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Wintervention Comes To Utah

    Just got back from watching Warren Miller’s Intervention. The place was packed and the energy electric. I love how ski movies are part of our pre-season ski conditioning. They get you drooling for the white stuff the way a cupcake makes a five-year-old’s chin drop. You shut your eyes and imagine the same cold smoke wash over you. […]

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Where the Wild Things Are- FILM REVIEW

Saw “Where The Wild Things Are” tonight. Sage loved it and actually sat in my lap the whole time without squirming. My little 3 year old is growing up! As cool as the scenery and the monster puppets were, though, there’s not much to engage adults. The boy is a brat with no insight or chutzpah to communicate with the […]

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