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I Need A Wintervention

Just got back from watching Warren Miller’s Intervention. The place was packed and the energy electric. I love how ski movies are part of our pre-season ski conditioning. They get you drooling for the white stuff the way a cupcake makes a five-year-old’s chin drop. You shut your eyes and imagine the same cold smoke wash over you. But I […]

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Skip School and Still Ski

Just because you don’t go to college doesn’t mean you have to pay extra to ski. Alta’s got a new season pass option for slackers. The Young Adult Pass is $599 if you buy it before September 29. That’s $300 less than the regular pass price. The pass is for adults 18-25. “We are in a unique economic environment where […]

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A little about me.

I’ve known about Frank Garrish’s acting class for years but have always been hesitant to enroll. He’s scary- or so I’ve been told. He’ll make you cry. He doesn’t hold back. It’s not that I can’t take the criticism but I’m hardest on myself so when I hear from someone else that I’m not measuring up, I double that criticism […]

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What Should I Do?

Ok, so maybe I’m the biggest bitch on wheels but I can’t stand the fact that Ryan can’t think or act for himself. It’s like he assumes I’ve replaced his mommy but I’m not his mother and never will be. I don’t exist for him; I don’t exist to coddle him and make life easy for him. If I wasn’t […]

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