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Wasatch Pass Wars

One thing is for sure. Vail Resorts and their move on Canyons Resort this summer has shaken up the way the Wasatch does business. Not only is the new Epic Pass one of the cheapest season passes in the state (Powder Mountain’s is $640) but it’s causing a backlash of resort-gangup warfare. Step aside Mountain Collective, the “Best Benefit In […]

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I Need A Wintervention

Just got back from watching Warren Miller’s Intervention. The place was packed and the energy electric. I love how ski movies are part of our pre-season ski conditioning. They get you drooling for the white stuff the way a cupcake makes a five-year-old’s chin drop. You shut your eyes and imagine the same cold smoke wash over you. But I […]

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Skip School and Still Ski

Just because you don’t go to college doesn’t mean you have to pay extra to ski. Alta’s got a new season pass option for slackers. The Young Adult Pass is $599 if you buy it before September 29. That’s $300 less than the regular pass price. The pass is for adults 18-25. “We are in a unique economic environment where […]

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A little about me.

I’ve known about Frank Garrish’s acting class for years but have always been hesitant to enroll. He’s scary- or so I’ve been told. He’ll make you cry. He doesn’t hold back. It’s not that I can’t take the criticism but I’m hardest on myself so when I hear from someone else that I’m not measuring up, I double that criticism […]

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