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Stephen Folker Overdue: An Actor’s Cautionary Tale

stephen folker overdue

“Haven’t you read the Bullshit Artist’s Handbook?” My boyfriend laughed at me. Stephen Folker’s Overdue was a horror story in every way. Well, ok, no one died a horrible bloody death but the promise of a fun, feature horror film experience surely got macheted. To be honest, the red flags dotted the playing field like battleship pieces. But I filed those […]

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Sage’s Awesome Acting Camp- Day 1

As I approached Burbank, Calif., on the “5” as locals like to call it, I was feeling a bit like a blind person in a fun house. What was going to happen tonight? Tomorrow? The next week? What do I do? How do I structure these three weeks so Sage begins to develop industry relationships? How do I make the […]

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Zyto Compass Informercial

The day I was supposed to be heading to Togwotee Lodge in Wyoming, my agent called and said I had a booking. The shoot for Zyto Compass would only take two hours and the pay was great. Of course, I was going to squeeze it in. I was in and out in less than an hour and on the road to […]

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You’ve Got An Audition! Now What?

Top 5 Questions to Ask Before You Get There It’s just like you learned in school. No matter what paper you write you must first answer the “Five Ws”. Who, what, when, where, why. You can modify these to apply to a film or commercial audition as well. Basically, when your agent calls get ready to ask these five questions […]

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