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Morshower in Salt Lake Pt 2

I went to an audition last week with a McDonald’s French fry behind my ear. I got a callback. Is this a fluke or is Glenn Morshower onto something? So much of what Morshower said in his Salt Lake City workshop is still ringing between my ears. The evening was more self-help than acting. We came for audition tips and […]

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Glenn Morshower Takes Salt Lake

I’m here in this room at Broadview in Salt Lake City for three hours. As the seats begin to fill in the small auditorium I’m reminded of college. Oh no, a lecture? But an evening with Glenn Morshower is anything but academic. The title of the workshop- The Extra Mile- is about breakthrough. It as well as the speaker are […]

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Another One Bites the Dust?

I know I’m not supposed to let what happens to others affect me. Just because something good happens to someone else does not mean they’re better or I sucked. Unless of course they audition for the same role as I did and they got the part…but even then it could have been a million different reasons why someone was chosen […]

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