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Adventure Recipe: Camp Donuts and Skillet Strawberry Jam

camp donuts

  This recipe came from The Dirty Gourmet during the Pursuit Series at Snowbasin Resort last summer. Unfortunately, the Series was cancelled for this summer but whipping up these super easy beignet-type camp donuts, even at home, brought back some fun memories of long days in the sun, great food, challenging adventures and cocktail parties around the campfire.  Camp Donuts […]

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Ode To S’mores

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I must have liked s’mores as a child. What’s not to like about a sticky, gooey, chocolate mess of sweetness that tempts you to beg for ‘some-more’ but leaves you with a bellyache if you aren’t careful? It’s the ultimate kid food and a perennial campfire favorite. Camping and s’mores are like skiing and hot chocolate or surfing and fish […]

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This Is How We Roll: Ultimate Car Camping

No more of this stuffing three bodies into a two-man-backpacking tent crap. I was determined to overcome my awful sleeping arrangements from last weekend at the Craggin Classic into a luxury camping experience. I’m not talking “glamping” because that would involve an outside outfitter who cooks and cleans fireside for me but this would be as close as a lay […]

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Camping Made Cozy

Featured photo courtesy El Capitan Canyon 2013 camping has made a detour from the “ultralight” trend of the last decade and I couldn’t be happier. I felt like I was the sloth because I preferred a queen-sized air mattress in my tent over a 6″ wide pad that barely went to my butt. I get that, in the past, we […]

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