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Canyons v. Park City Mountain Resort

It would be a dereliction of my duties as a ski writer and voice of reason not to write, comment and add my two cents regarding the bombshell PCMR dropped on our cozy little Park City community last Friday. You can read the nuts and bolts all over the web- Here and Here and Here and Here and well, Everywhere. […]

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Got Cravings?

There’s a whole lot of sweetness coming to Park City this winter. First, there was the opening of Quincy’s Frozen Yogurt at Deer Valley and now Crave at Canyons. Well, it’s not exactly at Canyons but once the gondola starts spinning from the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel up to the Grand Summit the tasty bakery with the big, mouthwatering desserts will at […]

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Can Skiing Be Politically Correct?

politically correct

I did it again. Open mouth, insert foot. Anyone who knows me gets that I’m one of the most un- politically correct people they’ll ever meet. Problem is not as many people know me as are offended by the things that come out of my mouth. It’s a good thing I’m a writer. My fingers are much more diplomatic. So […]

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