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That’s a Wrap!

I couldn’t tell you what happened during the last 17 hours of the 48 Hour Film Project because I wasn’t there. I thought initially that I might be but there isn’t one single ounce of me that is the least bit disappointed that we actors wrapped at 11 p.m. Saturday night. No slight on our crew. It was a team […]

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The First 12 Hours of 48

Eleven hours, three cups of coffee and four hours of sleep. After scripting our short we arranged the scenes for last night so Jim and Cami could be done. There was a moment where we wondered if those two would even be involved. I arrived on set (ie. Andrew’s house) to find the actors huddled on the street corner; pacing. […]

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The Night Before 48 Hours

I tried to sleep. I know that I needed to and wanted to but sleep wouldn’t come last night. And then when it did it was scary. I kept dreaming that I was deep in the middle of the 48 Hour Project and as we watched the dailies played back I looked on worried. What the hell were we watching? […]

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Snowfall Contest at PCMR

Quick, quick, quick. You have until next week to win a pair of tickets to Park City Mountain Resort this season. The annual Snowfall Contest ends September 4. So get those calculators and Google eyes geared and make your best guess as to when PCMR will hit their first 6 inches or more. Fill out the online form. If you […]

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Must Be That Time of Month

I need to win something. I always feel better when I win something. For some reason, all day today I’ve been grumpy; feeling like I’m a failure- ok, well that’s too harsh. Just feeling unsatisfied and like I’ve messed up big time. You know how you would feel if you got a C and were hiding it from your parents? […]

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