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Covid-19 Travelers’ Remorse

Delta Airplane in the air

I’m getting on a plane tomorrow. I’m terrified. The Covid-19 pandemic isn’t even close to being over but, you see,  three months ago we thought the ‘moment’ would pass. We jumped on a deal to fly to Boston for less than $200 and a no questions asked cancellation policy. We figured since we always visit Ryan’s family in the summer, […]

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Bahamas Bound

I’m underwater. Water floods my lungs. I’m choking….and laughing. I’m an idiot. I’ve always considered snorkeling to be a low-class version of SCUBA diving but now my dive instructor, Kevin, tells me to alternate between breathing through my regulator and taking puffs through the snorkel. You may have to wait on the surface, he says, without air left in your […]

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