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EZ Pet Barrier Saves the Day!

There are two things I vowed I would never do- I would never let my kid be seen in public without her hair brushed and I would never jail my dog behind metal bars in my car. The hair thing? Right; anyone with a kid knows that’s a battle us mothers lose often. The car thing? I held out as […]

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Spay and Neuter Causes Cancer

Wow. I’m writing this up because I’m not sure any of you would find the forthcoming information just by going about your daily lives. Plus, with all the marketing and animal shelter/Friends of the Animals marketing and news you would think that if you don’t spay or neuter your pet, you’re going to hell. A new study reveals that you […]

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Last Minute Gifts For the Mountain Dog

When you’re hanging up those stockings and wrapping gifts for under the tree, don’t forget your ‘other’ child. Here are a few last minute gift ideas to make your pooch want to lick the beard off Santa. Rover will shred the wrapping when he spies the Hide-A-Squirrel dog toy. The plush “log” comes with three, cute squeaky squirrels that taunt him […]

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BarkBox Delivers

I received Box #1 of my three-month BarkBox subscription. I was able to score a Groupon getting me the product for half off. Instead of $22/mo, I paid $11/mo. I was expecting a bigger box but what came was a handful of fun goodies that totaled about $39. Not a bad deal even without the Groupon wouldn’t you say? If […]

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No More Overheating the Dog

So I got a press release in my inbox announcing a new product that will send me a text if my dog is overheating. Not a bad idea. This summer, I either left the pooch as home or waited until it cooled off in the day before we went somewhere by car. What if you could take your dog, crack […]

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