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Covid-19 Travelers’ Remorse

Delta Airplane in the air

I’m getting on a plane tomorrow. I’m terrified. The Covid-19 pandemic isn’t even close to being over but, you see,  three months ago we thought the ‘moment’ would pass. We jumped on a deal to fly to Boston for less than $200 and a no questions asked cancellation policy. We figured since we always visit Ryan’s family in the summer, […]

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Hotel App Lets Solo Travelers Connect

Facebook, check; LinkedIn, check; Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, SnapChat? Ok, I post pictures and updates on FB but since I am supposed to do the others, so be it despite the glaring redundancy. Now, finally, an app that makes sense. Available today on iOS and launching for Android in November, HelloTel App allows hotel guests to “check-in” and connect directly with […]

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Trip Report: Jackson Hole Love Letter

Story by Jill Adler Photos by Ryan Freitas Two days of tearing up Jackson and I’m wasted. Today was epic. Not because there was waist-deep untracked, walk-on trams or everyone was friendly, but because it’s Jackson Hole, Wyo. The employees could be rude (they’re not of course) and the food could suck (it doesn’t except at Nick Wilson’s) and I […]

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