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You’ve Got An Audition! Now What?

Top 5 Questions to Ask Before You Get There It’s just like you learned in school. No matter what paper you write you must first answer the “Five Ws”. Who, what, when, where, why. You can modify these to apply to a film or commercial audition as well. Basically, when your agent calls get ready to ask these five questions […]

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In Case You Missed The Swag

Sundance May Be Over But The Fashion Lives On…. The games and gifting were slightly off from the years where stereo systems, Playstations and cars were doled out but it was no less engaging to watch the bags of swag spilling onto Main Street, Park City, this year. The idea behind ‘gifting’ is that you get to know the products, […]

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Sundance For Sale

Dear PCSkiGal- I think I want to see a Sundance Film Festival movie but everything that sounds interesting is waitlisted? Am I wasting my time? Should I even bother trying to go? I thought you might be the one in the know. ImpatientFan Dear Impatient Fan- It’s not as bleak as it seems. You definitely have a shot at seeing […]

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Jason Mraz Performs at Sundance’s BingBar

Bing Bar, one of the main venues and sponsors of this year’s Sundance Film Festival is at it again. You’re missing out if you’re not flowing them on Twitter (@teambing). It’s unusual that the average Joe can squeak into spots where E!Entertainment is holding court with A-listers, you can get free drinks and cappuccinos but Bing’s giving you’re a ‘in’. […]

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