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Cairn Box Review For December!

My Cairn Box has arrived. In fact, I have two boxes to reveal. The first came just before the holidays and I was so busy teaching that I didn’t have time for my other projects like acting, playing with the pooch, writing, reading, cooking, and life in general. And so, the two boxes sat on my dresser waiting and watching […]

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Sage Review: Hi-Tec St. Moritz Boots

Sage was born during the Outdoor Retailer Show – almost literally. I went into labor at 8 a.m. on Day 2 and had to cancel all of my meetings. The following Show I was pushing her around in a stroller. Every year, she attends with me for at least one day even if it means missing a school day. It’s […]

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Review: November Cairn Box Arrives!

It’s month #2 for my Cairn monthly subscription box. The company delivers outdoorsy type products for adventurers for a flat $25 per month. Every month is a surprise because you never know what’s in the box from month to month. If you’re hunting for a killer gift idea this Christmas and you have the money, go for a three to […]

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