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#Leki Poles Uses eBay To Fight Climate Change

Remember when you used to be able to ski everywhere on Thanksgiving; and November’s America’s Opening in Park City, Utah, drew crowds in the thousands? Yeah, not anymore. Our winters are about 20 days shorter in case you haven’t noticed. Not everyone is super proactive about the environment but if you’re a skier or boarder you can’t help but be […]

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Judge Tells PCMR To Pay $17.5 Million Bond

    Oh Joy! We get to wait…again. It wouldn’t be a telenovela without a cliffhanger and the lawsuit between Park City Mountain Resort and Talisker Landholding LLC. wouldn’t be the biggest eviction case in the history of Utah without yet another delay. Judge Ryan Harris ruled in 3rd District Court of Summit County this afternoon that PCMR will need […]

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Take the Bite Out of Summer

It’s warm, it’s inviting and it’s all day. But playing outside in the summer isn’t always safe. Sure we get that the sun causes cancer, wrinkles and burns; that snakes bite and bees sting and ivy itches. However, a new report from the University of Missouri shows danger also lurks with man’s best friend. Approximately 4.5 million Americans—about half of […]

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Cotopaxi Questival Storms Into Utah

Photos by Erica Jessop   Want to launch an unknown brand in a sea of well-known major players and expect to come out ahead? Do one of two things. Create a Questival or hire Davis Smith. The self-professed entrepreneur and BYU grad not only has a track record for finding and filling gaps in ecommerce but he can throw one […]

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ONE Wasatch’s Interconnect Concept Poses Multiple Questions For Utah Resorts

(Photo courtesy Alta Ski Area) Well, Folks. I wish I had something new to report from this afternoon’s SkiUtah press conference but alas there were more questions than answers. I shared the news last night and hoped that today’s conference might shed more light on the plan- nay “concept”- of lift-linking seven of Utah’s ski areas but the meeting went about as […]

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