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Chronicling Ruby: Rehearsal

The rehearsal went well I think. Chris Adler had posted on Facebook that he was looking for a woman in her 30s, cough cough, to play the mom in his 6-page script. Unpaid, festival project. Normally, I stay away from these general solicitations, especially if I don’t think I’m a match, so I suggested a friend of mine. Next thing […]

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Favorite Finds At Winter OR

You would think that a trade show promoting backcountry gear and human-powered athleticism would be long on fashion sense and footwear. But at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, it was all about the head-to-toe style for 2015. Thousands of exhibitors displayed everything from underwear to purses as the show has become a catchall for slope to street […]

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That’s a Wrap!

I couldn’t tell you what happened during the last 17 hours of the 48 Hour Film Project because I wasn’t there. I thought initially that I might be but there isn’t one single ounce of me that is the least bit disappointed that we actors wrapped at 11 p.m. Saturday night. No slight on our crew. It was a team […]

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The First 12 Hours of 48

Eleven hours, three cups of coffee and four hours of sleep. After scripting our short we arranged the scenes for last night so Jim and Cami could be done. There was a moment where we wondered if those two would even be involved. I arrived on set (ie. Andrew’s house) to find the actors huddled on the street corner; pacing. […]

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