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Beat The Heat At Provo River Falls

Photos by Ryan Freitas We had no idea the Falls were right there. But as we headed east up Mirror Lake Highway to climb away from the scorching Salt Lake Valley, we saw the lineup of parked cars. We guessed the Provo River Falls pullout (23 miles from Kamas) would be popular but not like this. We hopped out of […]

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Parents Guide to Utah Summer Camps!

utah summer camps

Ah, the summer. The green, the trails, the sun, the dogs, the kids screaming for attention. School’s out which means you’re in. But cut yourself a bit of slack and enroll Junior in one of the many Utah summer camps happening throughout the state. Don’t feel guilty. You were never meant to play at a fourth grade level 24/7.   […]

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Adios Stinky Feet

  If your kid is anything like mine, she lives in her sandals all summer. KEEN’s, if you really must know. KEENs rock as the ultimate outdoor shandal for kids. Easy to put on and comfortable to wear on a boat, the beach, out to dinner and out to hike. It protects tiny toes from stubbing on rocks or sliding […]

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Take the Bite Out of Summer

It’s warm, it’s inviting and it’s all day. But playing outside in the summer isn’t always safe. Sure we get that the sun causes cancer, wrinkles and burns; that snakes bite and bees sting and ivy itches. However, a new report from the University of Missouri shows danger also lurks with man’s best friend. Approximately 4.5 million Americans—about half of […]

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EZ Pet Barrier Saves the Day!

There are two things I vowed I would never do- I would never let my kid be seen in public without her hair brushed and I would never jail my dog behind metal bars in my car. The hair thing? Right; anyone with a kid knows that’s a battle us mothers lose often. The car thing? I held out as […]

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