Spring Super Pet Adoption Melts Puppy Loving Hearts



Not that I was looking for a new pet but you couldn’t dismiss the crowd mounting in the parking lot outside of PetSmart off of ‎1830 S. 389 W. There were all these people and dogs and my curiosity got the best of me. You can sum up in one word the Super Pet Adoption going on this weekend,   “Awwwww”.

It started yesterday afternoon under several tents and continues through tomorrow. Don’t think “all the good ones are taken”. With about 500 pets, if you’re in the market for a new companion, there are still so many cool friends that need homes.

It was cold, blustery and sometimes snowing yesterday. The dogs were going nuts barking and circling their kennels. I thought, “Don’t you know, Dog, you have a better shot at adoption if you’re quiet?” Some dogs, however, uncaninely knew how to milk it. Had I not already had a senior dog I’d be smitten and wind up with not only a new dog but a cat too.

More than 20 Utah shelters and rescue groups brought out their dogs and cats.

When the gates close tomorrow at 4.pm. the hope is to beat the adoption numbers from last year- 108 cats and 248 dogs had found new families.

Cats are inside and dogs outside. Volunteers abound to walk and play with the pets all day. They also cleaned cages/kennels, filled food/water dishes, and rescued my sweater which fell out of my backpack while I was taking photos.

Talk about saving time, energy and gas. If I wanted a new animal, this event is the best way for you to see as many homeless pets as possible in one place. If you are even thinking about a new member of the family, head down to the Adoption. It goes until 7 p.m. tonight and 4 p.m. tomorrow. If you miss it this weekend, there will be another in September.


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