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Time To Consider Your Winter Wear

Fall is in the air

The temps are dropping and it’s time to bundle up. Here are a few recommendations for chilly October:

Mountain Hardwear Yumalina pant will be your favorite all-season hiking pant when the temps go below 40. Super comfortable, flattering fit for a fleece-lined pant that has a high waist to keep your back parts protected in all outdoor pursuits. $85

Acorn Slouch Boots are perfect for lounging around the condo.  Slipper sock comfort, microfleece lining, and rubber sole for indoor & outdoor wear. $48.

Acorn Slouch Boot

Joshua Tree Organic Healing Salve  Anyone with dry, chapped, cracked skin will love this balm. Moisturizes and promotes healing without softening those calluses you created climbing and paddling this summer to protect your high-use spots. $19


Winter deserves a winter pack; a bag that carries all of your essentials, keeps them dry, accessible It’s just big enough to carry an extra pair of gloves, money, phone, snack, keys and probably a little bit more. It’s low profile so you don’t have to take it off on the chair lift and keeps the stuff inside dry. The best part is the ski loop. I have 151cm skis and am 5’8”. Needless to say when you have a lot of gear (skis, poles, gloves, boots, goggles, helmet, toe warmers, etc) carrying all these things, especially skis is very cumbersome. Not anymore. The ski loops is my favorite part of this bag. I can put my skis and my helmet on the bag and probably my poles (I didn’t try) on this bag and throw it on my back. My second favorite thing is the insulated water hose and bladder. The bladder sits right next to your back under some padding. I’ve had hydration packs freeze while skiing and it’s super annoying. This pack didn’t freeze. I’ll keep texting it in lower degrees and see if it holds up but I have no doubt it will. I know it’s a bit expensive but it’s worth every penny and then some. Probably my best ski purchase this year.

Molehill Fleece Cozy Bunting Suit is not only breathtakingly adorable but the one-piece three-season fleece with hood, full front and back zippers  for easy entry and exit, has a micro-ripstop outer to reject wind and rough snowplay. The sleeves and pants fold over to protect feet and hands so you’ll never struggle to locate lost booties and mittens. $32. 


KEEN Sandals For Summer Fun

“You have the same shoes!” the 7-year-old kid shouted from the top of the monkey bars.

The little boy was referring to the ‘mommy and me’ KEENs Sage and I were sporting at the park last weekend. Normally I roll my eyes at matching sweat suits and dainty dresses in the same print; plus, kids’ products are often disposable and my stuff needs to last beyond a year. But when it comes to KEEN sandals they are Grade-A certified and mom-tested…literally. Why should Sage have all the cute shoes?

The Whisper is our absolute go-to fave for cruising theme parks to National Parks. They stay comfortable and hotspot free when you’re on your feet from rope-drop to fireworks.

Three days in a row at Disneyland Paris with nary a blister or sore arch for either of us is the true sign of a summer-worthy shoe or sandal. Or dare I say “shandal”?

Sage lives in hers. The secure-fit lace capture system makes for quick on and off and because they are meant for water play they’re wearable even in those unexpected rain storms or waterlog rides without feeling the heavy squish of wet sneakers.

The washable polyester webbing won’t rub whether you’re hiking, rowing or sightseeing and the non-marking rubber outsole make them the perfect gym shoe when May rolls around.

The only downside is that the foot-cushioning EVA molded footbed can make the Whisper a little sweaty on super hot days but they are quick to dry. The bottomline? KEENs last, they’re practical, comfortable and fun to share with your kids. $35-71. Check them out here.


Hold Up Those Pants Up With Arcade Belts

Arcade Belts

Pull your damn pants up, is a frequent thought when I’m standing in a lift line. It’s not like these kids with pants at mid-thigh don’t have belts on. But maybe they’re missing the right belt; one that doesn’t feel like a belt perhaps?

I spotted Arcade Belts in the Venture Out area during the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show in July.  The lightweight, stretchy belt with a thin Fastec clip easily adjusts and lays flat on your waist- no bulky buckles, no flapping excess. You can drop it in the wash- still attached to your pants or boardshorts- without damage or wear it through TSA without setting off the alarms. Plus, it comes in fun designs and a youth version for smaller-wasted ones.

Santa Cruz skater and Tahoe Pro Skier Cody Townsend started Arcade Belts with buddies David Bronkie and Tristan Queen to cinch up a tiny space in the adventure sports clothing market. They created a belt tough enough for action sports but comfy enough for everyday wear. “Action sports in general are becoming a lifestyle and we’re designing stuff for that culture,” said Townsend in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. “I wanted something that fits in with that unique style. You might think it’s simple but you’ll have an ‘Ah ha’ moment, and ask why haven’t I been using this belt.”

It’s been six years since they first hit the market. Arcade Belts come in just three styles, sold in over 800 retail stores. I personally like the adventure belt in Trailblazer, with the cute little pine trees, but have a look at some of their other designs.

7 Best Dressed Winter Feet Finds

Styling winter feet used to be easy. If you asked any real skier (not bunnies who sit at the Montage sipping hot toddies) what they wore for kicks they’d answer ski boots and Sorels. Ah, the good old days. Now there are so many cute, cool choices you might wind up with the winter version of Imelda Marco’s shoe closet.

Those who live in resorts like Park City know what I’m talking about. It’s cold, icy and snowy a solid six months out of the year; and it’s boring looking down at the same winter feet every day (and night). If you even thought about getting fancy for dinner or Sundance good luck not slipping on your a** in front of international paparazzi- or at least your friend’s Snapchat. So you need a fancy winter shoe? There are such things, you know.

Athleisure fans rejoice! You now have some of the most fun and functional silhouettes for winter feet since the Ugg rage thankfully waned. Flirty, fleece-rimmed ankle boots pair with your favorite skinny jeans, calf-high zips compliment your new sweater dress or pencil skirt and, well, those Tecnica Moon Boots go with nothing and therefore go with everything.

If you are in need of inspiration check out these great fashion finds for winter feet:

oboz winter feet

The Oboz Madison Insulated Boots are everything you could want for winter. Rugged outsoles for traction and friction, a nubuck leather upper for shedding snow and rain, 200g of Thinsulate for winter warmth, a pile cuff for comfort, hidden side zipper for easy entry, an insulated footbed for extra warm feet and they are adorable. $165.

moon boot winter feet

Tecnica MoonBoot W.E. Monaco Lows give you the style of those oh-so popular slipons but with the traction and dryness you need for navigating snow and slush. They may look bulky but they’re lightweight, flexible and uber warm. Plus, the Lunar faux fur has waterproofing to keep it from looking like you have a wet rat around your calf half-way through the season. $160.

wolverine winter feet

Wolverine Sirrus Zip Oxford. This hard-to-find shoe is a must for any local. It’s the winter equivalent to wearing flipflops all summer. Suede leather waterproof upper, warm, fuzzy, faux-fur lining, removable full-cushion footbed, arch support and deep, deep lug soles. $89.

ahnu winter feet

You see these Ahnu Sugarpines and instantly have to have them. Not only does it come in fun, unique colors you won’t find in any other mid-hiker, but they are super warm and waterproof. The Sugarpines have Ahnu’s neutral foot position for better balance and stride, a double-reinforced toe to keep out water and cold, and a padded tongue for extra cush. This may not be your snowshoe-shoe but it’ll be your fave go-to for casual winter dinners and dog-walks. $89

altra winter feet

When you are into winter trail running, there’s the Altra Lone Peak 2.0 Polartec Neoshell. Zero drop, waterproof and roomy. The neoshell upper provides a weather-resistant barrier while the sandwiched StoneGuard midsole gives flexible protection as you traipse over rocks and ice chunks. The design is made to feel like an extension of your foot rather than you trying to make your foot fit the shoe. If you have a wide foot and struggle with a comfortable trail shoe you need to explore this brand. $65.

timberland winter feet

Timberland Authentic Winter Fold Downs. In case you haven’t kept up on the trends, fold downs are all the rage. Not only do you get a cute fuzzy shoe but a chukka too. The durable uppers are made with full-grain, waterproof leather and suede, and, unlike other winter fashion boots, these folddowns have a waterproof membrane and teddy fleece lining for extra oomph. EVA midsole and aggressive lugs provide all-day comfort even when the streets get slick. $98

lowa winter feet

Every outdoorswoman needs the Lowa Sparrow WS Climbing Shoe on hand. When you can’t ski for whatever reason the most fun “adventure” workout you can have is in the climbing gym. These beauties offer all-day comfort which is key if you’ve been in ski boots for five days straight. The women’s last keeps your heel in place but gives extra wiggle room in the toe box. It’s really more about having a shoe that doesn’t make you scream in pain without sacrificing performance; especially in the winter. BTW, these do awesomely on those intermediate (and beginner) sport routes. $140.

PrAna Activewear For Adventure Gals

It’s a good thing I live in the mountains. Fashion stunts me. The whole what to wear, how to accessorize, do these shoes match sort of thing can be overwhelming. I blame private school uniforms throughout my formative years for my lack of style. It wasn’t until moving to the Rocky Mountains that I found my comfort zone. Things like heels and cleavage just aren’t practical when you’re hiking and rock climbing. Dressing for the outdoors is function over form but that never meant we girls should look like dumpy men in baggy Carharts and pilled fleece. I played in the land of athleisure before it became an Urban Dictionary term; and I was wearing PrAna Activewear before most wore leggings on date night.

Why PrAna Clothing

The word PrAna comes from the Sanskirt word for energy or life force that surrounds us (think the Force in Star Wars). PrAna Activewear has that earthy feel you would imagine might be related to this principle. It is the ultimate sport to street wear. You throw on a light top like the organic cotton Stacia Sweater over your morning workout clothes and you’re good for coffee with friends or a day running errands.

prana activewear stacia sweater

I’ll admit that unless you work at Backcountry or other similarly chill environment you won’t be heading off to work without a change but a soft flowy dress like the Mariette should get you a couple of drinks at the No Name Saloon.


If you haven’t heard of this boutique brand out of southern California it’s probably because you don’t climb or bend (as in Yoga). Their styles were born of the notion that clothes that hug should be durable, comfortable and uplifting- in body and spirit. Eventually, they branched into lifestyle pieces but everything they make can be played in. The Kara Jean for example has just the right amount of stretch to feel like leggings rather than jeans. The stretch denim is so soft you could sleep in them but so sexy you’ll dance in them instead. Believe it or not, these are my go-to fall climbing pants.


It’s all done with a mindful nod

PrAna’s manufacturing supports fair trade and sustainable practices as they strive to give back more than they take from the world. You can feel great about the things you wear and the gifts you give. Not only that, but prAna prioritizes giving back to communities all over the world by partnering with charities throughout the year and donating during the holidays to Outdoor Outreach– a non-profit that connects underserved youth with the outdoors.

Get A Deal On PrAna Activewear

Try PrAna on; find the perfect fit and see for yourself how these clothes don’t just reflect a lifestyle but a way of life. Many of their fall styles are on sale right now for 30% off and you can use promo code BLOGF16JLAD for 15% off anything else to help you transition into the land of athleisure or find the perfect Xmas gift. The code is good till December 19, 2016.

FYI- The sizing can be a bit off so if you are ordering online make sure you read through all of the comments in the reviews to get an idea of fit. I’m 5’6″, 115 and normally wear a medium top and small dresses but took a Stacia in Small and the Mariette in XS. My Kara’s are a 2 and fit like a glove.

Disclaimer: PrAna sent me clothes in exchange for this review but I’ve been a HUGE fan of the brand long before this post. The words and opinion are expressly my own and will always be!


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