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Nordica Unleashed Outreach Ski Help Kids Get Outside

Nordica, one of our favorite ski brands at SPL, just partnered with  SOS Outreach and Christy Sports to bring $$$ to underrepresented kids and get them outside. A limited-edition “Nordica Unleashed Outreach Ski” is now available for a crazy $1000 price tag in the hopes of raising $50k for SOS. Only 50 pairs have been produced and they are pretty cool looking. […]

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Sundance Film Festival To Give Covid Boosters To Attendees


While we all anxiously wait for the post-holiday Covid numbers to confirm what we all expect, Sundance Film Festival organizers. already foreseeing another Super Spreader sitch, plan to not only require Covid boosters but will actually offer shots to eligible attendees, according to an exclusive (unofficial) report in Variety. In the wake of Hollywood dropouts like the annual Palm Springs Film Festival, […]

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Disney Time


There is much ado in the House of Mouse this summer and this Disney geek for one couldn’t be more excited. I’ve entered every online Disney contest I can find. Summer of Heroes is Coming Gone is the Tower of Terror; replaced by the new Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! inside Disney California’s Adventure Park. The ride along with […]

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Stephen Folker Overdue: An Actor’s Cautionary Tale

stephen folker overdue

“Haven’t you read the Bullshit Artist’s Handbook?” My boyfriend laughed at me. Stephen Folker’s Overdue was a horror story in every way. Well, ok, no one died a horrible bloody death but the promise of a fun, feature horror film experience surely got macheted. To be honest, the red flags dotted the playing field like battleship pieces. But I filed those […]

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Sage’s Awesome Acting Camp- Day 1

As I approached Burbank, Calif., on the “5” as locals like to call it, I was feeling a bit like a blind person in a fun house. What was going to happen tonight? Tomorrow? The next week? What do I do? How do I structure these three weeks so Sage begins to develop industry relationships? How do I make the […]

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