Ski Utah Fifth and Sixth Grade Passports: Get’em While They’re HOT


I’m coming out this season! My best friend in Washington texted. It had been nearly 10 years since we had skied together as instructors at Deer Valley Resort. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take all the credit for this spontaneous announcement.

Ski Utah’s Fifth and Sixth Grade Passport program had a serious hand in the planning.


Since 1998, Ski Utah has been inviting 5th graders to its slopes for next-to-nothing and Jada was finally in 5th grade. Krista wanted to show her daughter what Utah skiing was all about and what better way than with FREE skiing? Well, practically free.


For $49 and the five minutes it takes to fill out the online form, Jada could ski three times at all 15 resorts.* That’s basically $1/ticket. And for one week, we took advantage of every day starting with Deer Valley, moving to Solitude, Canyons, Snowbird, Alta, Brighton and Snowbasin.

Her mom, a high school teacher, does her best to groom her kids to be skiers but resources are finite. With the Passport, it was cheaper to make the drive to Utah, stay with me and ski, than go anywhere else. Plus, let’s be honest. Where else would she have this kind of fun in March? The snow was deep, the sun high and the apres in full swing.  When they packed up the car for home, plans were already growing for the next year because Ski Utah also has a Sixth Grade Passport.

Sixth Graders Too

Whether you missed participating in the Fifth Grade Passport, Ski Utah invites Sixth Graders back to keep skiing on the cheap. This time around, however, they’ll get one day (instead of three) at 15 Utah resorts for $49.

The kicker is that both Passports are available to any child in the world, throughout the ski season. Home schoolers can also register. Plus, the Pass comes with extra perks for parents since they are the ones getting the kids to the slopes. Contact the individual resorts to learn more. mong those are free buddy passes to Powder Mountain and half-off at Alta and Cherry Peak, and $50 tickets to Brighton. They also rental and lesson perks throughout Utah. 

With the prices of everything involved with a ski vacation reaching maximum velocity, the Passport is a golden ring for ski families. I can’t tell you how often I hear that people quit skiing because it costs too much. But then I mention the Passport and their eyes light up. My kids can ski and I don’t have to forgo next month’s groceries? The Snowsports Industries of America actually report that more kids ski and keep skiing because of the Pass.


The Theory Behind The Ski Passport

The idea is simple. Winter is long, especially in Utah. One of the best ways to keep children engaged is to get them outside and moving. Studies show that kids between the ages of 10 and 12 begin to find their passion for skiing because they are ready for more complex sports. They have the motor skills and cognitive ability to explore movements and mountains.

In addition, children this age are also at a crossroads for mental and physical health. Do they sit inside playing video games and smartphone apps or do they embrace something healthier and active? Get them active now and they will be active as adults.

You Don’t Need To Live in Utah

Let’s say it again. If you are considering a winter trip and you have fifth and sixth graders in your midst, a Utah visit is a no brainer. The Fifth and Sixth Grade Passport pays for itself in a single day. You apply online, upload a current photo of the fifth or sixth grader and use your credit card to complete your transaction. You’ll get confirmation within 24-48 hours and can use it immediately after.

How You Know What You’ve Skied

This year’s Passport is completely digital from registration to tracking. See where you’ve gone and what resorts remain to be ridden through your online portal. Chances are you’ll have enough days left for a second vacation.

I’ll probably need to find another reason to get Krista and her family out to Utah now that Jada’s in high school but soon she’ll be in college and Krista can come by herself again.

This kind of makes me sad. You know how you look at your kids and wish they stayed little forever? College. Wow. Ski Utah gives you one more reason to wish they never grow up.

Find more information and to get your kid registered for the Ski Utah Fifth and Sixth Grade Passport go to

*Deer Valley, Solitude, Park City, Alta, Snowbird, Cherry Peak, Snowbasin, Powder Mountain, Sundance, Brighton, Nordic Valley, Eagle Mountain, Beaver, Brian Head, Woodward Park City

Blackout dates exist for holidays and weekends during the 2020/21 season due to Covid restrictions. But you can still use the pass during spring break!

 Disclaimer: Although this post is sponsored by Ski Utah, the words and opinions are solely those of Ski Play Live.   




  • This is so cool! We have a program here in Tennessee where fifth graders get to kayak and rock climb for free, but they have to be from one single county. I’m impressed that Ski Utah is doing this for everyone in the fifth and sixth grade. I’ll tell everyone I know about the passport program! Thanks for the info Jill!!!

  • Krista Rodrigues

    The best part is that we didn’t have to be from Utah to use the passport. I used it with each kid for a special “just you and mom” ski trip when each was in 5th and 6th grade. We had a great time together and they both have great memories of Utah with me and my friends as personal guides. (The food was good too!)

  • Julie Adler

    This is wonderful ! I’m going to share it with all my mommy friends right now!

  • Sue burke

    What a great way to introduce skiing to any kid who might not have the chance. Yeah, let’s bring more skiers into the world!

  • We LOVE this program! Skiing really is not affordable as a hobby for our family but our oldest used his pass the past 2 years, making it a possibility. His 3 younger brothers were able to take advantage of free and super-cheap skiing for kids under 11 and create a great family interest! Super bummed that our next son doesn’t go into 5th grade until next year.

  • Susan Moskowitz

    I can’t wait to take advantage of this with the grandkids. A bonding experience and memory maker that otherwise might be out of reach financially for many families. Thanks Utah!

  • Nadine Taylor

    I have 4 kids and my goal is to share my Swiss heritage by having them learn to ski.

  • We did it both years for both boys, even though they had Alta/Bird passes. It is an awesome deal and they were able to ski with their friends at other mountains and explore places they hadn’t dried before. We all did. It was a lot more tempting to go try Beaver or Eagle Point when you knew you were saving some big money on a ticket. Good article.

  • I dont have the passport, but the Ikon pass and sure enough, it got me skiing in Utah! I had never been before! Loved it and cant wait to go back. Skiing with family and friends would be amazing the next run (pun intended).

  • Natalie Kautz

    Wow! This is amazing! I have a 5th grade daughter and a 3rd grade son. We will be using this for the next few years, absolutely!

  • Charla BocchIcchio

    I love this! When my niece and nephew visited last winter from California they weren’t the right age to take advantage of it. We skied anyway but it would have been a lot nicer to save some money. Hopefully they can come next year and take advantage of the Passport!!!

  • Michelle J.

    I’d love for my kids to learn how to ski so we could go together.

  • Stacy Allen

    What a terrific way to get kids out and skiing. I wish I knew about it when mine were this young!

  • Judi Zarrella

    This is definitely a great program that allows every child in these grades to experience this great outdoor sport at an incredibly affordable price. My oldest timed out and my youngest two will ski through this in a few years. Cheers, Ski Utah!


      This is an amazing program to get kids involved. As a parent of ski lovers, I love anything that helps them in that interest.

  • Yoon Kim

    Thanks for letting us know about this amazing program! Skiing in Utah can be cost prohibitive for many parents so this program makes it realistic for folks to bring the little ones to get into the sport. I just wish this program was available when I was in 5th grade!

  • Terry Greenwood

    Jill, thanks for sharing! What a great program this is. Will certainly help to get more young ones introduced to skiing and hopefully set the passion for it to continue as a lifetime sport and ever building Outdoor connection. I will talk it up anytime I get the chance.

  • Lucia burke

    This is wonderful !! going to share it with all my nieces that have kids around that age group.

  • Margaret Robertson

    Such a great program! My son loved it!!

  • Christopher

    So cool and what a great article! It took me back to when I was teaching 3-5 year old kids in Colorado. Thank you for sharing!

  • David Stevens

    This will totally make my kids think I’m cool! Thanks!

  • Tiff D

    What??!? And I even have a fifth grader! This is the impetus to get moving, particularly as I watch my kids zone in front of the Xbox. Great info.

  • Robert Andrus

    I would have loved this as a kid.

  • Vicky

    Wonderful program Jill. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lucia Burke

    This is so wonderful !! Going to share with my nieces who have kids in that age group.

  • Annemarie

    These and other state “ski free youth programs” help get kids outside and active. We have a 5th grade Passport in VT. Thumbs up Utah!

    Oh… and I really enjoyed reading this. The first photo of woman in a red patterned hat is a design I did 20? Years ago!! The name of it was Blizzard (Turtle Fur brand)…one of my favorites. Happy to see it again!

  • Liz

    We have used the 5 and 6th grade passport for the past few years! It is a great way for kids who have competition s around the state at different ski resorts to save money!

  • Sara Singer

    What an incredible program! I wish j had known about it earlier. My twins just aged out😝. But hopefully lots of other parents will take advantage of it and let their kids enjoy the best snow in the world!

  • Ellen Smith

    Super excited about this!

  • I wish they had offered this program when my children were younger. I’m forwarding this link to them for their children to enjoy. Sounds like a great program.

  • Sarita K.

    This is such great information! I live here and had no idea about any of this – THANK YOU!!! Love it! Sharing it!

  • Sarita Kent

    This is such great information! I live here and had no idea about any of this – THANK YOU!!! Sharing with my family!

  • My son is too old for this but it would have been great to have in place when he was at the right age. What a great program!

  • G Tay

    I Absolutely Love Jill Adler!

  • Love the Passport! My kids friends all got them and helped teach them all to ski. Great way to get me to other resorts as well.

    Both my boys had the passport both years and recommend them to everyone.


  • Britt W

    I think this type of program is a great way to encourage a new activity for kids. Starting young probably helps too so kids are less timid about falling. Thanks for sharing!

  • Meg

    This is super incredible. I’m going to share this with my family and friends

  • Channing

    What a cool idea. I love it.


    I dont have kids but if i did, great deal! Can dogs ski?? I have those!

  • JJ

    This is a great program! It’s such an awesome opportunity for the kids. Definitely recommend it!

  • Sherri

    Ski Utah created a fantastic program for 5th and 6th grade students. Nice article!

  • Rocco Mangel

    Sounds like a wonderful program! Thanks for sharing Jill! I can’t wait till she’s in 5th grade.

  • Kim Dresser

    What a great article that outlines the coolest part of Utah Ski Resorts and what sets Utah apart from other states. I think the kids 5th and 6th grade passport is a brilliant way to introduce kids from all backgrounds who may not normally be able to afford the sport and then get them hooked for life. I love this. Amazing.

  • Carrie Wrigley

    Wish this had been there when my kids were this age! Hope many will take advantage of this great program.

  • Sara

    I loved being able to get the passport as a fifth grader and can’t wait for my son to get it when he goes to fifth grade. Amazing memories were created because of that passport!

  • Mary Shammas

    Great program, take advantage of this deal!

  • Suzanne

    I love that Utah has this program to introduce kids to the skiing and snowboarding world! My kids participated in the program when they were in 5th and 6th grade. It was awesome!

  • Bonnie

    This is such a great program. I know lots of people who would love to come to Utah with their kids to take advantage of this offer. Thanks for sharing.

  • Will Joyner

    Jill, great article – thanks for sharing! Can’t imagine a better way to get kids that age skiing regularly.

  • Rudy

    Great info, thanks for sharing and I’ll be sure to pass it along!

  • Kelly

    Totally going to share this with friends who have 5th and 6th graders! I didn’t know it included out of state!

  • Jennifer

    We purchased the 5th-grade passport early in the season for our daughter. We are very excited to use the opportunity to ski outside the PC area especially resorts like Solitude, Alta, and Snowbasin.
    Thanks for posting and getting the good word out!

    Let it, Snow!

  • Jennifer Kanzler

    We purchased the 5th-grade passport early in the season for our daughter. We are very excited to use the opportunity to ski outside the PC area especially resorts like Solitude, Alta, and Snowbasin.
    Thanks for posting and getting the good word out!

    Let it, Snow!

  • Andrea

    We love our passports! What a fun thing! Thanks for the post.

  • Richard G

    Wow. This sounds great. Wish I had known about this a couple years ago when my kids were the right age!

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