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New Blackcrows Film Chasing Niflheim 

Niflheim peak in British Columbia

Chamonix, France (February 13, 2024) – blackcrows, the iconic French ski brand focused on design-driven high-performance ski gear and apparel, has released its latest ski film, Chasing Niflheim. The blackcrows film takes viewers on a journey through the remote and untamed landscapes of British Columbia, showcasing the extraordinary talents of blackcrows athletes Christina Lusti and Andrew McNab.

Chasing Niflheim focuses on the first descent of the southwest couloir on Mount Niflheim, the third-highest peak in the Gold Range. Christina Lusti and Andrew McNab venture into the rugged terrain of the Monashee massif, where they discover a deep gouge carving through the 2800-meter summit.

Commenting on her experience, Lusti shared, “The way you move through the mountains is an expression of who you are and how you feel in that moment. Discovering your authentic imagination is the biggest gift in exploratory skiing and mastery in the mountains.”

Producer Flo Bastien said, “Christina is undoubtedly one of the best big mountain skiers out there. These last few years, she has incorporated mountaineering and climbing skills into her arsenal, opening up numerous opportunities for exploring new slopes.”

Lusti and McNab’s daring expedition was made possible by blackcrows’ innovative Draco Freebird skis, designed to blend freeride performance with backcountry autonomy. Reflecting on the collaboration, Bastien remarked, “Having collaborated with Christina for a while, I knew she’d have something in mind to put our new Draco Freebird to the test. This ski has been designed to bring freeride performance and backcountry autonomy together, which is exactly what Lusti’s Niflheim project was about.”

Film Credits:

Skiers: Christina Lusti & Andrew McNab

Principal Cinematography: Joshua Lavigne

Additional Cinematography: Andrew Gallant

Editor: Rasmus Bjerkan

Producer: Flo Bastien

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Lindsey Vonn Skis the Streif

American speed queen becomes first woman to ski legendary Streif course.
Interviews courtesy Redbull Content Pool
Lindsey Vonn strapped back into her skis and became the first woman to ever ski the Streif – and the first to ever dare to do so at night. The Streif is considered the greatest challenge on the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup and it is a race Vonn could never compete in due to only men’s downhill races being held in Kitzbühel.

The American won everything there is to win in the sport before retirement in 2019 but one last dream goal eluded her in her illustrious career, the fearsome Streif in Kitzbühel, Austria. The 38-year-old said: “Only when you ski the Streif are you a real downhiller. The Streif is the pinnacle of all downhills, the most difficult course in the world. Nobody believed I could do it. After all my injuries, to now get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to kick out of the starting gate here and fulfil my dream is incredible…I’ve always had respect for the men that raced down the Streif, but I have even more respect now, because it’s one thing to go down it and another thing to ski to win; and now I can fully understand what that means. It has given me greater perspective how truly amazing these men are.”

Vonn had not raced a downhill course in four years but pushed out of the start gate and entered the notorious Mausefalle (Mousetrap), with an 85% gradient. Setting off in the dark from the original start in preparation for the iconic race, Vonn crowned her career in spectacular style.

How Vonn trained for the Streif

She prepared intensely in preparation to push herself to the limits once again despite the severe knee injuries suffered in a career that brought Olympic gold, 82 World Cup victories and saw her crowned a multiple World Champion. Vonn borrowed the skis from US star Ryan Cochran-Siegle and had them prepared by her former service man Heinz Hämmerle. Hitting speeds of more than 100km/h at night added further drama to an already intense occasion.

“I felt like I was jumping over the edge of the world,” said Vonn. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous before a start in my life. I’m a thrill seeker. I’m an adrenaline junkie, and I love pushing myself to the absolute limit; being on the verge of being scared. I live for a challenge like this.”

Vonn was coached by her compatriot Daron Rahlves, himself a course winner in 2003. He said: “To see Lindsey finally have a chance to ski on this track in this kind of situation is incredible. I had no doubt she could ski it, but I was questioning if she was going to really ski it with a lot of determination – I was really impressed that she did. This is true downhill, if you make one mistake, you can have some bad outcomes. But the way she just came out to own it was really impressive.”

Vonn also revealed she took on the challenge for her mother Linda, who passed away in August. She said: “I knew she was watching me and was there as a guardian angel to help me accomplish this dream. I know she is proud of me. As she always ways.”

– Watch Vonn’s run here:

The Mountains by Denis Barbas

People are always asking me “Why are you always in the mountains? Don’t you get tired of it?” Hope this videos answers that question and explains why extreme adventurers do what they do and what the mountains mean to them.

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Rare Enough Short Documentary

Rare Enough Short

“Do yourself a favor and take 12 minutes to watch Rare Enough. A short story of @djaystewart, as he battles the unimaginable while finding joy through friends, family and skateboarding,” Tony Hawk.

Imagine having your life be everything you always dreamed. New wife, new house, great job, good friends and an athletic life.

All of the sudden, darkness washes over you.

Groggy, you wake up in a hospital bed. The doctor walks in and says that you had a seizure, you have brain cancer and 13 months to live.

That’s what happened to DJ Stewart in May of 2019. Skateboarder, business owner, husband, friend, family man, and overall life enthusiast, DJ was living the dream with a lot of life ahead of him. That was until the unthinkable occurred.

RARE ENOUGH— a short documentary directed by Ryan Lovell—takes you on an intimate journey through DJ’s story with DJ himself in the driver’s seat.

From his initial diagnosis to countless treatments, this visually compelling film documents how DJ’s attitude, friendships, and the Kansas City community are helping him beat the unbeatable.

Directed by Ryan Lovell
Director of Photograhpy: Chris Durr
Editor: Ben Kaplan
Sound Design: Ben Kaplan and Connor Birch
Audio Mix: Connor Birch
Audio Post Production: The Post Haus
Colorist: Matthew Filipek
Key Grip: Pat Monroe
Camera Operators: Tyler Krupski & Shawn Wright
Art Department: Cory Hinesley
First AC: Evan Wunsch
Main Title Design: Mitch Durr

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