4 Travel Alternatives for 2024

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The Maldives were always on my travel bucket list. Bungalows over crystalline blue water, deep sea SCUBA diving, relaxing under straw roofs and all you can eat tropical fruit. Why am I just now realizing that the country is run by Isis? Terrorist-affiliated criminal gangs, key leaders and financial facilitators of the terrorist organizations from Isis and al-Qaida have been populating the place since around 2014. Maybe you’ve been and say the islands are safe and your trip was phenomenal. Maybe you’re right but there’s no way in hell I’m supporting a country that allows terrorists to grow and prosper right under their nose. Now, add in that the president has banned Israeli citizens from vacationing in the Maldives? Uh Uh, no way would I ever want to go. Thinking about Maldives travel alternatives led me to wonder about other substitutes for those over-posh tourist spots. So where to now?

Travel expert booking platform Omio rounded up these 3 must-consider alternatives for your next getaway:

Instead of : Maldives,

Visit: Albania 

Instead of predictable bougie luxury, there’s Albania’s Sarande, Ksamil, and Vlore. The areas present a budget-friendly alternative without compromising on beauty. Nestled on the Balkan Peninsula, Albania boasts stunning beaches, cultural richness, and archaeological wonders, offering a unique blend of experiences.

Visit: Cook Islands

You’ll find 15 islands all surrounded by pristine beaches and clear lagoons with a much less touristy vibe. The comfortable-to-luxury accommodations and dining are offered at fair prices as well as a number of water activities.

Instead of: Chamonix,

Visit: Les Houches, France

Swap the hustle and bustle of Chamonix for the serenity of Les Houches in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley. Experience the same awe-inspiring views of Mont Blanc but with added tranquility. Les Houches, a quieter and more affordable option, is perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers looking to build confidence on the slopes. Enjoy enchanting natural settings, all while saving on the hefty pricestags that come from nearby ski areas.

Instead of: The Swiss Alps,

Visit: Jasna, Slovakia

Break away from the cliché Swiss Alps and venture into the hidden skiing paradise of Jasna, Slovakia. Despite being one of Europe’s most affordable ski resorts, Jasna offers over 9000 acres of pistes and high-end feeling hotels. Maximize your value for money while exploring the diverse pistes and enjoying the charming ambiance. Extend your journey with stops in Brussels, Vienna, or even Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava, for an adventure that won’t break the bank.


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