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Insta Snow!

The wait for new snow is excruciating right now. We couldn’t take it anymore so Sage and I made our own… with Insta Snow! [youtube] All you do is add water and voile! Fake snow.The non-toxic powder is made of the same polymer used in gardens to keep soil moist. Sprinkle water and it puffs to look like real […]

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Don’t Buy New Skis

You ski two weeks a season, if that; you hear about the latest rocker, fat, fill-in-the-blank technology, see the gear guide picks in Skiing Magazine and, whammo, you’re begging Santa for a new set of sticks. The pair you bought last year hasn’t even rusted yet. But you have to have the 2012 model. Whooo boy would the car industry […]

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Outdoor Footwear Turns Funky

Fall is officially here and the weather seems to be cooperating. It’s our last hoorah to hit those mountain trails while there’s still dirt on them and bust out the fall footwear. You gotta figure two, maybe three, more months and then ‘poof’. Everything’s white and you’re wearing insulated Gore-Tex and waterproof boots. Until then, it’s all about the cross-training […]

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Favorite Finds at Outdoor Retailer Pt1

You could easily get lost among the major players on the main floor of Salt Lake City’s Salt Palace Convention Center. The big guys like Mountain Hardwear, Teva, Black Diamond, Kelty, attract immediate attention from the buyers while the little guys in the Ballroom and the recently added New Exhibitor Pavilion get less love. However, it wasn’t long ago that […]

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Outdoor Retailer Media Suite

Day 1 of the OR Show ended with a media retreat at the Hotel Monaco. Verde PR out of Colorado rents a suite to showcase their outdoor clients and it’s an efficient way for writers like me to preview a handful (or better a roomful) of companies and not have to squeeze them into my already overbooked schedule at the […]

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