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Ode To S’mores

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I must have liked s’mores as a child. What’s not to like about a sticky, gooey, chocolate mess of sweetness that tempts you to beg for ‘some-more’ but leaves you with a bellyache if you aren’t careful? It’s the ultimate kid food and a perennial campfire favorite. Camping and s’mores are like skiing and hot chocolate or surfing and fish […]

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2018 National Park Fees To Jack Tourists

national park fees

UPDATE: In response to public outcry, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has backed off doubling national park fees and settled on a “more modest $5 increase” for most entrances. Annual passes, however, will jump $10. Starting June 1, they will go up from $60 to $70. BTW, the NPS wants you to know that nearly two thirds of the park system is free. […]

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