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Coffee And Cancer

Coffee and cancer

If you believe all the news reports, there are few things in this world that don’t cause cancer. Nearly everything you can touch or put in your mouth will kill you. There’s soda, wine, cellphones, microwaves and now coffee and cancer? It’s a morning ritual for skiers. Come on!! Coffee drinkers rise up Starbuck’s is brewing mad over a pending […]

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Park City Snow Ghosts Holiday Guests

park city snow

It’s the suckiest news in all the land. No significant snow storms in Park City, Utah, till February?! Those are the rumors anyway. We might get a smattering of that Park City snow here and there but let’s face it; Utah had the driest holiday period in, like, forever. I can’t remember teaching on such limited terrain. There are runs […]

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Utah Ski Area Opening Dates

ski area opening

It snowed last night; it’s going to snow all weekend. That’s mountain weather for you but all of a sudden my inbox is full of ski area opening dates and news. People, today was the first day of Autumn! If you’re getting excited about the recent storms, put a lid on it. Having snow on the ground is simply a […]

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