That’s a Wrap!


I couldn’t tell you what happened during the last 17 hours of the 48 Hour Film Project because I wasn’t there. I thought initially that I might be but there isn’t one single ounce of me that is the least bit disappointed that we actors wrapped at 11 p.m. Saturday night. No slight on our crew. It was a team building, socially satisfying experience but to make it home for a night in my own bed, waking up without giant rings of stage makeup highlighting my eyes, well, that’s just priceless.

But I can tell about the last 14 hours of my “29-Hour” Film Project. I’m used to late nights so I didn’t look too haggard once I wiped all the black off. The crew set up for the yard sale scene across the street from Andrew’s house and routinely had to shoo away the Saturday shoppers that must regularly troll Herriman. It looked that real.

The sun slowly cast its shadows and fiery tongue. The backs of my legs never knew what hit them. I’m an idiot. We had sunscreen and everyone else seemed to be using it. I was just so caught up in the action. I care now.

Something about the price you pay for art tickled my brain but the pain kept the cliche from resonating. Now when I had to reshoot my scene from the previous night I wouldn’t have to call on past emotional pain. I got to experience real physical pain. Over and over again with EVERY SINGLE TAKE. So when (if) you watch me kneeling in jeans, that tortured sound in my voice is me feeling like someone is twisting my flesh with a hot curling iron. Yes, Folks, you heard me right. We had to reshoot because of the soft focus. The professional in me insisted I stick around to get er done even if it meant waiting six hours for nightfall. The girl in me thought, “Can’t we make what we have work?” I left it up to Andrew. I was there for him and I felt he was there for us. We weren’t slaves. We had a say. So when he made the call to go again I wanted to. Plus, I can be talked into almost anything for a Chinese dinner.

I’m guessing Liz felt the same way when Jarred – her husband and our editor – announced he “couldn’t find Scene 2”. That eventually came to mean we forgot to shoot Scene 2 and Liz, who thought she was just waiting for me for her ride home, now had one more scene to film as well. We had already said goodbye to Bryce, the Joes, Mamun, and Becky. We had no crew left besides Andrew on camera. Jarred and Daniel were downstairs editing and scoring respectively. Liz hoisted the boom and quickly got the hang of the sound equipment for my scene and I slept during hers (it was to be video only). We said our goodbyes to Andrew, Tara, Jarred and Daniel. They had one more day to make a movie. As we loaded up my car, they asked me to text to make sure I made it home safely. That was so cute. It’s like a weekend together made us family. I wish that Jim had stuck around till the end. He’s my acting coach and, to be honest, I was hoping for the opportunity to work with him as peers. I slept while he worked. He left before I woke up. He really didn’t have a reason to stick around so I can’t blame him. Plus, I know he had a hand in making sure all of the actors had a voice in the film so, Thanks, Jim!

The film has been submitted and all 30 shorts from Group A,B, & C will screen this Wednesday and Thursday at the Broadway Cinema at 7 and 9 p.m. (I prefer Brewvies but whatever). I can’t wait to see them all! The winner of the 48-Hr Film Project will be announced the following Wednesday, June 12, during the Best Of screenings. I’m sure you’re all wondering how does ours look? I don’t know. I hope it’s good. I hope it’s great. I’ll let you all judge. Time for bed.

Thanks to everyone involved with Off The Hook Productions. It was fun getting to know everyone even more. May we make many movies together in the future!


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