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Ikon Pass Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Jackson Hole Ikon Resort

Alterra Mountain Company finally agreed this week to reimburse 2019/20 Ikon Pass holders, well kind of. If you think a $10 credit towards a 23/24 Ikon Pass is good enough restitution, then you can feel like a winner. According to Alterra/ Ikon Pass class action lawsuit settlement offer, if you used your pass more than seven days, that’s what you’ve […]

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Top Local Ski Areas Untouched By Ikon and Epic

local ski area in NM

Has American skiing sold out? The pressure is on right now to choose Ikon, Epic, an individual area season pass or skip it altogether because you won’t ski more than five days anywhere. Decisions, decisions. Every month you put it off, the price goes up. But epic liftlines, parking nightmares, crowded slopes make plunking down $1k+ unejoyable. If you’re sick […]

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How To Clean Your Dog’s Gear

how to clean dog gear

We all know how important it is to pick up after your dog. Exposed poop is gross. I don’t know about you, but I don’t even like looking at it in a toilet. A pile is filled with bacteria, dirt and crawlies. Do you know what else is pretty gross? Pet toys and bedding that have been hanging out around […]

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