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48 Hour Film Project Lures Me In

When Liz told me she was on Andrew’s team for the 48-hour Film Project in Salt Lake City my first thought was why didn’t they ask me? We actors are so egocentric. I mean I was the one who introduced Liz to Andrew in the first place. So I messaged Andrew and he said of course I could join them. He […]

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2nd Weakest Winter For Utah In 10 Years

I don’t care how you spin it. “Vacationers loved the warm weather this winter”; “Still so much to do”; “Plenty of great snowmaking” our Utah ski season was less than epic. And the numbers don’t lie. The Utah winter of 2014-15 registered a total of 3,946,762 million skier days, down about 5 percent from last season and shy of Utah’s […]

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Fair Wages For Ski Instructors Slam Vail Resorts

fair wages for ski instructors

Credit: Dan Davis, Beaver Creek Resort My jaw dropped as I eavesdropped on a table of ski instructors last week. They were on a break and sharing a YouTube video. A video about fair wages for ski instructors poked more than fun at Vail Resorts and had been circulating since November. It was slowly gaining momentum. Weren’t they worried about […]

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Jill Adler earned a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Southern California and went to work for a CBS-TV affiliate in Aspen, Colo., to chase her dreams of media and the ski life. She would then, of course, report on both real-world issues and ski events. A job offer at the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City led […]

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