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Summer Skiing Could Still Happen

UPDATE: Arapahoe Basin reopened May 28, 2020, with a TBD closing date. All passholders and day ticket purchasers ($99) have to submit to a raffle two days prior and make a reservation if their name is drawn before they can head up. The ski area is allowed to admit only 600 skiers and snowboarders but there will be no tailgating […]

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Ode To S’mores

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I must have liked s’mores as a child. What’s not to like about a sticky, gooey, chocolate mess of sweetness that tempts you to beg for ‘some-more’ but leaves you with a bellyache if you aren’t careful? It’s the ultimate kid food and a perennial campfire favorite. Camping and s’mores are like skiing and hot chocolate or surfing and fish […]

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Sage’s Awesome Acting Camp- Day 1

As I approached Burbank, Calif., on the “5” as locals like to call it, I was feeling a bit like a blind person in a fun house. What was going to happen tonight? Tomorrow? The next week? What do I do? How do I structure these three weeks so Sage begins to develop industry relationships? How do I make the […]

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Demo Day Fun Opens The Outdoor Retailer Show 2015

I swear one of these summers I’m going to get in the water and spend all day there. The Summer Outdoor Retailer Show for 2015 kicked off with the annual demo day at Pineview Reservoir near Ogden, Utah, and once again I looked longingly at all the bodies paddling but kept my distance. It’s actually ridiculous when you think about […]

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Bark At The Basin Brings Best Friends To The Hill

We should all grab the leash and regularly hit the trails with Fido but judging from the robust turnout at this weekend’s Bark at the Basin at Snowbasin we need a tad more nudging. I get that people need events to motivate them. You want to trim down and get in shape by running, you look for marathons to enter […]

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