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Welcome to June and the Summer?

I think I shall ski tomorrow. Yes, Snowbird is still open and yes I’m still interested in making turns. I know it’s supposed to be summer but the trails are too muddy for hiking or biking and the mountains are still covered in snow. I’ll admit, part of my motivation is a story I’m working on about the economics of […]

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Our First Roadtrip!

Sage is seven weeks old. Boy, time flies when you’re changing diapers and nursing. Everyone has asked me that universal question: How are you doing? I’m fine …and probably better than most new moms from what those who have seen me say.I don’t feel quite rested 24/7 but I do get some sleep and although my tummy is too soft […]

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Jackson Hole Roadtrip

I got my wish. The snow fell, and fell, and fell. Finally, we’ve gotten a break and I can start sleeping again. One more hevay snow warning until tomorrow but the sun and hot temps are predicted for the rest of the week. Over the last 2.5 weeks we the Cottonwoods have received about 13 feet of snow bringing base […]

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