Another one bites the dust


My public voice strikes again. My sister this time. We’ve been ‘defriended’ on FB and I say “Good Riddance!’ She’s such a phony and a hypocrite. That makes my victim tally up to three. My brother, my ex-best friend Kristen and now Julie. Tee Hee. Perhaps I’m in denial of this loss or perhaps I feel good about cleaning house. Ding Dong, the witches are dead.

Everyone complains that airing your laundry in a public forum is inappropriate and wrong. It should be handled in a personal and private forum. But where do you go when the relationship is fucked anyway, there’s no ‘repairing’ and you simply need to vent? You want the world to hear your side, and (maybe) side with you? I love being able to blog. Sure, some things stay private in my journal but others find a happy little home in my blog or on FB because just maybe someone out there can relate.

Julie was a super bitch last night and she shut down any hope of reasonable communication. For two nights in a row, not only did she open a door in my parents’ house, setting off an alarm warning and effectively waking my three year old at 6 a.m., but she refused to turn on the AC to prevent this from happening on yet another night. She slept on the couch in the living room, Sage and I were in the spare room.  There would be no need to open the door, if we used the AC. No need for me to try to get cool air into our room via a window that offered no breeze, tons of traffic sounds from I-5 and stickiness from the heat and humidity here in San Diego. She wouldn’t listen. She blocked the AC controller like a 13 year old little bitch trying to boss things the way she always did. I was on my last nerve with only 5 hours of sleep at night to de-stress because of her selfishness. She had the luxury of falling back asleep. I had the task of dealing with a toddler that would rather jump on me and the bed than close her eyes again.

We yelled at each other for a bit; she said using a blanket was unhealthy (yes, she is insanely stupid when she wants things her way) and that had my parents wanted the AC on at night they would have set it to go on. Of course, what were her excuses when the exact thing happened in Palm Springs two years ago when it was 100 degrees at night, the parents were no where in sight and she still refused to turn on the AC and use a blanket? Ryan and I sweated like pigs and prayed she’d leave early. She did and we could rest in comfort.

I called Ryan today and told him what happened. He sided with me and said he couldn’t understand why she has a problem with blankets. That it is much easier to stay warm than cool-off in the middle of the night. Maybe I should have just vented to him instead of the world but I was furious. She pushed all of those childhood buttons where she was the dictator and torturer of all siblings in the home. My clothes couldn’t be in the closet, my bath supplies couldn’t cross a line in the bathroom, I couldn’t use the phone if she wanted it quiet. Absolutely EVERYTHING had to be her way or there was screeching and hell to pay when I whacked her and she tattled to my parents. That’s it. All I could do was hit her because she was incapable of rationale thought and perspective. The blow ALWAYS felt delicious. Of course, then I’d be punished but it was always worth hitting her again when the sitch resurfaced. So Facebook was my way of hitting her. :). I really did feel like slapping the shit out of her last night but I’m an adult and a mother. Instead, I posted a note on her wall calling her a bitch that couldn’t use a F*^king blanket and would rather make others suffer. I knew it would piss her off and also that she could delete it. If I could have texted her instead of Fbng I would have. I was looking for the fastest jab not the most public. She doesn’t text.

This morning were things ever so quiet. Mission accomplished. She was so mad she wasn’t speaking to anyone. Not even my parents. Sage slept till 9 a.m.! When I entered, we didn’t say a word. I can’t remember who finally spoke but when it did it was about how FB was an inappropriate forum. I told her I was sorry but I was angry. There was no communicating with her. I actually thought she was on her ‘puter when I posted but apparently she didn’t see it until this morning and was horrified that her friends and business contacts might see it. Ahhh, poor, baby. She didn’t accept my apology and announced she would not be my ‘friend’. She didn’t own one single thing about last night. No apology on her end. Same old immature bullshit. For someone that claims to be enlightened by Buddha, she is one hell of a hypocrite.

Parents are now on my case about my use of my blog and FB.

So here’s my solution. I’m moving my blog to this new location where no family can read and judge my thoughts for all eternity. If friends don’t like something I said, they can either talk to me or not but at least I won’t have the constant judging and cursing that family seems justified in dishing- even long after a post is published.


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