More Trouble Brewing


So get this, I did a mammogram in January as part of my follow up. The scan showed a tiny patch near where I had my surgery. Doc said it was probably scar tissue. But then a couple of weeks later I was having a weird feeling in my chest like when I used to live in LA and there were smog alerts and your chest hurt when you breathed. So the oncology doc ordered a CT scan. Everything looked good in the area I felt the pain, my labs were 100 percent but the little ‘patch’ previously seen on the mammogram raised more flags and now they want to move up my MRI (which was scheduled in July as part of my protocol)!
I have sent an email to my doctor three times asking if she saw something on the MRI and should I be worried. Why do we need to move up the date? No response. Called today and her nurse called me back. I asked again and the nurse read the notes on the CT- small grouping of asymmetrical cells. I told her to skip the MRI and get me a needle biopsy. I don’t want the MRI to put me in some kind of wait and watch holding pattern for months or years or worse be told I need a biopsy. Test the fuckers and tell me what they are; now. Besides, I’d rather get an ultrasound and a prick than lay horizontal for 45 minutes with an IV stuck in me. Not to mention the extra radiation. I don’t get it. The chemo and radiation were supposed to knock out the bad cells (and the good). How could they have assimilated so quickly? It hasn’t even been 6 months. Of course it could be nothing or scar tissue like my doctor originally thought. Either way, I’ll know next week. ARRRGGGGHHH.


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