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Where’d They Come From?

Maybe it’s me, but I’ll be damned if Utah isn’t more crowded than ever. Lines everywhere! Even at Deer Valley. Of course, I still know my way around them (except last Tuesday at Snowbird when we made two runs in three hours!) but still. It’s nuts. We hit PCMR today and thank god for the fast pass access. I didn’t […]

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I’ve finally returned. Writing in a blog is like writing in a journal. Once you skip a few days, the thought of catching up becomes daunting- so much to tell and so little energy. But then you wait a whole long-ass time and all of sudden you can encapsulate and it’s not so bad anymore. I’m currently waiting for it […]

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Woe is me…..

Why is that as we get older we lose our sense of hospitality? When we were in college, we crashed on floors with our sleeping bags and shared beds with platonic friends. This happened all the time, everywhere. We repaid the favor by filling the fridge and offering our homes in return. And friends took us up on that offer. […]

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Wrong Again!

Our temps may be creeping toward the century mark but The Bird is staying open until July 4!! That gives me ample time to test my new Vans Snowboard boots and K2 Cinch bindings. I’m no expert but I’m counting on these latest advances to get me up and carving Little Cloud because that’s all there’s open. I may have […]

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