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When Headshots Become a Shot in the Head

I had high hopes. I was going to meet this wonderful, wordly photographer; we’d have a killer connection and birth not only beautiful commercial headshots but a working relationship that would last years. I’d sooner shoot myself in the head than deal with a day like I had today. A friend recommended this woman in Los Angeles to actors in […]

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How to Get a HONDA Extended Warranty

I think it was Dr. Phil who once said – Don’t ever take “No” from a person not in position to say, “Yes”. That’s been my credo ever since and it’s made me a pain in the ass. Like a lockjaw on a pitbull, I dig in and refuse to quit. So many people just don’t have the time and […]

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Vysera Kisses My Ass Goodbye

It’s weird to have your boyfriend complain about your weight…When you’ve lost it. He says that I dieted my ass off. Literally. He can go to hell. Or better, he can lose weight too then talk to me about it. I’m super psyched on the skinny me and I’m not about to let him rain on my parade. And I’m […]

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The End Is Near

What shall I eat on my first day as a free woman? It’s done! The ‘after’ pictures will be snapped tomorrow and then I’m cut loose. I had my final weigh-in today. Four weeks, 60 pills, 12 training sessions and I’ve lost 9 pounds. The weight mostly came off my thighs, arms and, as my mother points out, my face. […]

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West Bound and Down- Vysera Weightloss Update

Another pound gone. That’s two weeks, five pounds, 28 pills, six trainer sessions and 14 days of pure starvation. This is one of the hardest tests of willpower I’ve ever had to experience. We’re not just talking about abstaining from McD’s French fries (which I did in ’09) but withdrawing from every type of food I’ve grown to love for […]

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