Trainers Hurt So Good – Day 2 of Study


I went to bed hungry. After dropping Sage off this morning, however, all I had eaten was a banana. It dawned on me. We have no food in the house I’m allowed to eat. You want carbs and processed sugars? Come see me. Raw nuts, Greek yogurt, fresh fruits and veggies? I had to make a run to Park City Market pronto.

Fifty Five dollars later I had food for the week. Healthy food is unhealthy for my wallet. I got home, tossed back a few raw nuts, cooked up all chicken breasts for the fridge, boiled the hard-boiled eggs and made myself a half a turkey sandwich. I could only eat about ¾ of it before feeling full. It’s just not the same without chips or French fries.

I took my pill, did some house stuff then headed out for my first workout. First in three months since wrecking my foot and first on this trial. I was nervous. We did a five-minute warm-up on the elliptical and moved to the machines- chest press, front rows, dumbbell curls, skull crushers, inverted crunches, three sets starting with 15 reps and going to fail. We wrapped it all up with a 30- minute-interval sesh on the elliptical. Not only did I survive but the foot never bothered me. She’s back! We’ll meet again on Friday and Saturday.

Dinner? A teeny weeny WOW bar, Greek yogurt and an apple. Yes, I’m going to bed hungry again.


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