West Bound and Down- Vysera Weightloss Update


Another pound gone. That’s two weeks, five pounds, 28 pills, six trainer sessions and 14 days of pure starvation. This is one of the hardest tests of willpower I’ve ever had to experience. We’re not just talking about abstaining from McD’s French fries (which I did in ’09) but withdrawing from every type of food I’ve grown to love for decades. Bye bye pasta, Chinese food, breakfast potatoes, brownie sundaes. Sniff Sniff. I miss you dearly. I look in the mirror and don’t really notice a change. Ryan hasn’t said anything either. But my clothes do fit better. Does that mean I’m meant to be 115? I haven’t seen 115 since college. And, hell, what will become of this ‘test’ as we roll into Thanksgiving?

Sage and I are off to San Diego in the morning to share the holiday with my parents. My parents who eat out four nights a week, cook with tons of butter, fancy themselves amateur sommeliers and stock their pantry with chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos. Jeff the trainer says I can “sample” everything and that keeping to the plan is about portion control. Fingers crossed I don’t come back with those five pounds I lost!

Two more weeks and I’m done. The goal is to weigh 110 and sport 16 percent body fat. I’ve learned a ton about my diet but I don’t think I’ll stick with this one. Especially not in the winter. I’ll be way more active skiing than I have the past three months with the broken foot so I’m hoping it’ll even out. I better not blimp out like Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when I start to add carbs back into my diet. Just saying….



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