When They Grow Up- Sage Turns 9


Whoa. I can’t remember feeling this low in a long time. Like I could cry if a telemarketer hung up on me.

Maybe it’s coming down from a crazy month of auditions, filming, the OR show, and Amelia. Or maybe it’s because my sweet, gorgeous, thoughtful, wise, huggable, smart, funny little baby turns 9 today.

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We’ve known for a long time that this day would come but it just really sucks. Even Sage came to us last night, crying so deeply she could hardly breathe. She begged to stay eight forever. We held her and said that there were so many things to look forward to so don’t be afraid to grow but I can’t help feeling like I was lying to her.

Every year of her life (except #3) has been amazing and I have no doubt we’ll find the joy in all of those to come (well perhaps 13-17 will need to be written off if they are anything like my teen years) but I tell ya, 8 was a pretty terrific age.

Sage has always been a precocious kid with tons of heart and a gift for gab. And because she’s an ‘only’ and my constant sidekick, she easily handles adult company and activities. I can bring her on set and she will sit quietly for hours until she’s called or until I’m wrapped- depending on the project. Now that she’s a grade schooler she’s even more my buddy.

When she was two and making a single straight run from the top of Deer Valley’s magic carpet then begging to go home, I never imagined that by 8 she would ski everywhere I do on the hill…at an expert level. If only she was strong enough to belay me I would never have to hunt for a climbing partner. So maybe that’s something to look forward to.

Before I had Sage, I would joke that the reason I never had kids was because I was afraid to have one of me. Sage is one pretty cool kid with a huge sensitive side (unlike her mom) who goes out of her way to engage others and take care of them. If I could bottle her up and keep her this way I just might but such is life that we can’t stop it.

How I got so lucky I have no idea. Happy Birthday, SAGE!! I too wish you could stay 8 forever but I can’t wait to meet the young lady you have yet to become.




  • Jenni

    What a sweetie! I can still remember dinner with you and Sage in SLC where you were signing with her! Ah, time flies. Thanks for sharing, Jill!!!!

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