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Star Wars Land Coming To Disney Parks

It’s about time Disney reimagined Star Tours. The seats are tattered, the seatbelts stick, and the technology feels dated despite the 1987 getting an update in 2011. So it’s epic news that a full-on Star Wars Land is coming to Hollywood Studios and Disneyland. Each park will grow 14 acres to accommodate the themed area (sure hope they come up […]

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When They Grow Up- Sage Turns 9

  Whoa. I can’t remember feeling this low in a long time. Like I could cry if a telemarketer hung up on me. Maybe it’s coming down from a crazy month of auditions, filming, the OR show, and Amelia. Or maybe it’s because my sweet, gorgeous, thoughtful, wise, huggable, smart, funny little baby turns 9 today.     We’ve known for […]

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To My Dad On His Birthday

Today is my father’s birthday. I’d tell you how old he is but because both my parents are private people I doubt he’d be pleased with me. To be honest, I don’t feel like my dad is ever pleased with me but that’s just how things are in my family. We grew up in a household where if you were […]

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