Lovely (Awkward) Lunch For Utah Bloggers


I attended a “lovely lunch” in Sugarhood this weekend and I don’t know what the hell I was thinking.

I was invited by a group of Utah bloggers and when I got there – this new little clothing boutique called Sage off of 21st South- I felt more alone than I have in years. I walked in to find a smattering of groups already talking amongst themselves about things I know not. Fashion, babies, family I’m guessing. But I definitely assumed I couldn’t relate because they had assumed the ‘you’re invisible to us’ position. These ladies from 20s-30s were all dolled up and dressed for high tea.

I stood alone and browsed through the unique wears and fashion finds of this little shop that just opened less than a year ago. No one approached me; no one welcomed me into their conversation; and, as I stood nearby thinking it might be nice to offer a comment or two, I felt like I’d be intruding or interrupting. I did make the occasional smile and nod to someone but the effort was not reciprocated- not even by the event organizer. So I continued to browse. Lucky me that this event was in a clothing store rather than a hotel room. I purchased my adorable boho dress for 50% off and took myself to lunch at Noodles.

It became obvious rather quickly that just because I live in Utah, I blog, and I’m part of the Utah bloggers group on Facebook does not automatically make me a member of the tribe.

Who I’m not:

I am NOT a fashion blogger. I do you like fashion; I like nice clothes but I’m not the best at accessorizing and I would never ever write about fashion unless it was ‘outdoor’ fashion.

I’m not a food blogger. I like to eat food, I like to write about restaurants for and if I can’t find a recipe I’ll make one up myself but I don’t spend every day, all day talking about food.

I’m not a tech blogger although I do fancy myself somewhat of a computer geek.

I’m not a ‘healthy alternative’ blogger; but I do like to sport a healthy lifestyle and if I come across something really cool to help you feel better, I’m happy to share.

I’m not a focused pet blogger. I have a dog that is one of my kids; I take him everywhere and I write about things that better his life and consequently better our lives.

I’m not a mommy blogger but I am a mom. I just don’t get a rise out of parenting topics.

So what am I? I’m guessing I’m like every other woman out there. Doing a little bit of everything, making the very most of a short day, and sharing my passion for the outdoors. So if food, fashion, tech, pet, kid and life lead me through unpaved roads, then I’m that blogger. That said, are there any Jewish, athletic, outdoor, mom bloggers with hiking dogs who love improv and drinking beer that want to group up and have a Lovely Lunch?


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