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Hotel App Lets Solo Travelers Connect

Facebook, check; LinkedIn, check; Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, SnapChat? Ok, I post pictures and updates on FB but since I am supposed to do the others, so be it despite the glaring redundancy. Now, finally, an app that makes sense. Available today on iOS and launching for Android in November, HelloTel App allows hotel guests to “check-in” and connect directly with […]

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Lotion of the Week

I’m drowning in lotion. That’s not a truly bad thing when you consider the dry Utah Clime. But still, I have about 19 sq ft of skin to slather and bottles upon tubes are spilling out of my cabinets. I added to the collection today after a photoshoot down in Lehi. Perfectly Posh is a direct sales company specializing in […]

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Insta Snow!

The wait for new snow is excruciating right now. We couldn’t take it anymore so Sage and I made our own… with Insta Snow! [youtube] All you do is add water and voile! Fake snow.The non-toxic powder is made of the same polymer used in gardens to keep soil moist. Sprinkle water and it puffs to look like real […]

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Gadgets Gone Wild @CES

It’s the stage for intense hyperbole. I am no longer a Consumer Electronics Show virgin. I have conquered my first time at the biggest tradeshow convention of my life. More than 150k attendees have dropped into the Las Vegas Convention Center to explore the latest and “greatest” technology to come. Everything here is the biggest, the smallest, the fastest, the […]

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