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Have You Ever Lost A Parent?

How do you accept death? Life, that’s easy. You look forward to seeds sprouting, grass turning green, a new baby’s wail. But how do you face death without this huge ache and dread in your gut? Maybe it’s different when you’re the one about to go – after you’ve lived 90 years. But I’m telling you now, I’m scared of […]

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Gadgets gone Wilde At CES

It’s the stage for intense hyperbole. I am no longer a Consumer Electronics Show virgin. I have conquered my first time at the biggest tradeshow convention of my life. More than 150k attendees have dropped into the Las Vegas Convention Center to explore the latest and “greatest” technology to come. Everything here is the biggest, the smallest, the fastest, the […]

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Winter Packing 101

Never fails. The night before your trip, you stand in front of your closet wondering, “What do I bring??” You’ve checked the weather report and it calls for snow and 30-degree temps, so with that information let’s get cracking. 1. Layers, layers, layers: Winter weather in the Wasatch changes with just about each forecast. Plus, while it might be cold […]

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I’m Dreaming of a White Thanksgiving

Oh yes, I finally headed out to Little Cottonwood. After a week in Orlando wearing sundresses and shorts and tracking Disney Princesses, I arrived back in SLC and head first into a storm. The forecasters didn’t lie or even get it wrong this time. Today was epic. Think April 2010 but with less terrain open. I made the bonehead move […]

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