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Winter Packing 101

Never fails. The night before your trip, you stand in front of your closet wondering, “What do I bring??” You’ve checked the weather report and it calls for snow and 30-degree temps, so with that information let’s get cracking. 1. Layers, layers, layers: Winter weather in the Wasatch changes with just about each forecast. Plus, while it might be cold […]

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Is Winter Over?

Totally fun weekend but I’m making this short and sweet cause this damn site just jettisoned my beautiful entry and forced me to rewrite everything- which I won’t. No new snow since Tuesday. All’s heating up super quick and super sick. Did a PSIA clinic up at Powder Mountain today and got a peek at the final day of the […]

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Solitude is the Bomb!

I am so ashamed! Ashamed that I haven’t stopped in to ski Solitude until now. I love that resort and yet it stands like PlanB whenever I’m packing up the gear for a day out. Shame on me! I know better. Solitude is the place to head when it dumps all night. Little Cottonwood Canyon will either be closed first […]

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