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Ever since your kids learned to ski you’ve been all about building their lifelong memories through winter day trips and vacations. But a ski vacay ain’t the same as spending a week on Maui. It’s like you’re planning for a wedding. What to pack? Where to go? How to get kids to their ski/snowboard lessons on time? The questions are endless.

Usually you turn to friends who’ve been to the place you’re going; then the Web for resources, insight, best places to dine, cheapest ski rentals and more. You research the heck out of the place you plan to visit because you don’t want to waste a minute once you’re there. Or maybe you’re the one who always gets asked for advice.

Park City Mountain Resort figured out three years ago when they started their online Snowmama program that there was a community of snow parents itching to chat. It’s a page where real parents provide tips, tricks and deals that make planning winter vacations fun and easy(er). It’s the best of both worlds- friends and fellow moms connecting with an online community. “The biggest reason people apply (to be one of our Snowmamas) is that they’re passionate about skiing, snowboarding and kids. They want to share that passion with others. It’s amazing to see that connection take place,” said PCMR’s Krista Parry.


The Contest Is On

PCMR selects new bloggers each season, and the contest to choose this season’s crew starts today. Those chosen few will receive a free family winter vacation to Park City Mountain Resort, season passes, special perks plus a cash bonus. All for two blogs a month. They’re looking for people from around the country who are jazzed about family winter vacations and who want to share their experience and insider tips. Utah, New York, even London. Anyone can apply and everyone has a shot. The Resort’s Advisory Committee is selecting a few people from each of five regions. Last year, Parry says they received 1000 applications for 10 spots. You don’t need previous writing experience but you do need family and ski experience. In fact, one of last season’s Snowmamas submitted an eight-page email she had previously written to a friend who had asked what she should do on her family vacation to Park City.

If sharing is in your blood, you’re a good candidate. Of course, your personality has to show through. No one wants to read a boring blog. An advisory committee comprised of 175 of your peers decides who’s going to write the most entertaining, informative and personality driven tales. “It’s not a popularity contest or about who has the most followers,” said Parry. “It’s who are the right people for the job.”

The right parents also have to be able to meet deadlines. That’s where the cash bonus comes in. Get your stories in on time all season and you will be well compensated.

What It Takes To Apply

Show your personality by submitting 200 words or a 60-second video on why you want to be a Snowmama or Papa. You’ll also be asked to give a tip to a family planning a winter vacation to the slopes and discuss a favorite ski memory.

Entries must be submitted at by 11:59 pm MST on September 21, 2011.


If You Don’t Enter Or Don’t Win

Snowmamas and papas isn’t just about the online connection. Every Friday post New Year’s any parent can gather offline for the weekly PCMR Meetups. People from all over the country ski together for a few hours. “They didn’t expect to have friends to ski with but that’s what we’ve seen,” said Parry. “They go with their family on vacation, put their kids in ski school and have a couple hours to themselves. That’s where the meet ups come in. You can ski with someone who knows the mountain.”

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