POC Helmets Are Cool Contest


Photo courtesy Sherri Harkin.

I entered. Have you? Now, I normally enter everything I can get my hands on- Disney travel, gear raffles, photo contests. Anything that doesn’t involve spamming all my friends to vote for me. I hate those kind of contests. They’re idiotic. If you have a great entry it shouldn’t matter how many friends vote. Plus, I keep my FB friends to those I truly want to keep in touch with and share photos with and who get my raw personality. Having 5k “friends” means you don’t know how to be a friend.

Anyway, back to contests. Mostly, I enter for the swag. Occasionally there’s an inspiration that needs support. POC Sports teamed up with the High Fives Non-Profit Foundation’s #HelmetsAreCool photo contest and this is one I can truly get behind. No matter who tells you that helmets are awkward, restrict vision, reduce hearing, etc., it’s a known fact that being alive is cool and helmets keep you alive. Hence, helmets are cool. Just listen to Sally Francklyn speaking at the premiere of the new ski flick “Valhalla” in Denver last weekend.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/74574939]

Happening now, photos uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag #HelmetsAreCool will be entered to win a prize pack from POC Sports on October 10. The winner will be announced the following day via the High Fives Foundation and POC Sports respective Instagram accounts.

“The High Fives Foundation’s B.A.S.I.C.S. Program Service emphasizes safety and awareness while participating in action sports,” Roy Tuscany, executive director of the High Fives Foundation, said. “We are on a mission to document and show how and why the best helmet technology is invented. We took a quick trip to Sweden to shake hands and dig into the culture at POC Sports. Now, we want contest participants to show the world why they’re an advocate of helmet usage by posting and sharing their photos with us on Instagram.”

Simply upload a cool photo of you (properly) using a helmet while enjoying your favorite action sport and you’ll be in the running for an amazing prize pack from POC Sports. Be sure to tag #HelmetsAreCool.

Follow the High Fives Foundation and POC Sports on Instagram at:

· Instagram.com/Hi5sFoundation

· Instagram.com/POCSports

High Fives Foundation is a Tahoe-based, national 501.c.3 non-profit organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for athletes who have suffered a life-altering injury while pursuing their dream in the winter action sports community. The Foundation has helped 43 athletes to date since its inception in 2009, more information visit www.highfivesfoundation.org.


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