February Cairn Box Review

February Cairn Box

I’ve gotten behind, and the boxes are piling up! March’s Cairn box is sitting on my dresser begging to be revealed but he can’t come out to play until I have finally posted about my February Cairn box. Here it is in all it’s glory.

What is Cairn?

In case you need a reminder, Cairn is one of those monthly subscription boxes that you can order as a gift for yourself or someone you know who is interested in outdoors goodies.

This box comes with four to five new products from companies you probably have never heard of. It’s meant to introduce adventurers to new brands, and over the last four months I’ve discovered some favorites (the Coffee Bar) and some misses (Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Tattoos that disintegrate in the wash). The box costs about $25/mo and contains items retailing around $45. Granted, you probably would never go out and purchase everything if it didn’t arrive in your box so you can’t boast that you’re saving money but that’s the beauty of this gift- being the first in the neighborhood to learn about what’s out there in the outdoor market. If you really don’t like an item you can always re-gift it.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what’s in each box each month. I’m a sucker for gadgets and this box is loaded with them. When my annual subscription runs out I’m putting it on my Christmas wishlist just in case someone needs a gift idea for me. By the way, I’m also recommending BarkBox for dog lovers. Talk about your fun pet products.

Enough typing. Onto the reveal for February’s box:



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