Hotel App Lets Solo Travelers Connect


Facebook, check; LinkedIn, check; Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, SnapChat? Ok, I post pictures and updates on FB but since I am supposed to do the others, so be it despite the glaring redundancy. Now, finally, an app that makes sense. Available today on iOS and launching for Android in November, HelloTel App
allows hotel guests to “check-in” and connect directly with fellow travelers who are staying at the same or nearby resort or hotel.

Think about the application for skiers like me who love to check out new resorts but HATE to ski alone!

“HelloTel App is a new, revolutionary way for hotel guests to interact with one another all before even meeting in person,” said HelloTel App CEO & Founder Marc Preston. “We wanted to not only connect like-minded leisure and business travelers but to also bring large groups of people together who already share a common interest in travel.”

Once registered, members will be able to check-in to their hotels and start interacting with fellow travelers in a specific area. HelloTel App users can post photos and status updates like “Just checked in, does anyone want to meet in the lobby bar?” for either everyone staying at the same hotel or other near-by hotels. If someone likes what was posted, they can send ‘kudos’, post a comment or direct message the original poster.

Guests who travel for work are able to set their posts for “Business” and meet up for drinks, coffee or a power lunch with one another. Similar to a friends list, HelloTel App allows members to follow one another by marking them as a “Favorite.” Once saved as a favorite, HelloTel App users will be able to access their favorites list even when they are not checked into a hotel or have returned home. Don’t be scared off by the cheesy video demo of two hot young girls looking to meet single men. I’m sure you can use the app that way but I know quite of few travelers that aren’t looking to hook up they just hate eating or sightseeing alone.

Here’s how I would use it: check into the hotel and find skiers of a similar ability, meet for a drink and see if we might want to ski together. If it’s a weird day, I try someone new; if not, we become fast ski buddies then friend them on FB and follow them on Instagram.


The free app will be featured on The History Channel’s “App Watch” October 30th at 6:00am EST / 6:00am PST.




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